Ready For   Windows 11 SV 21 H2


Windows 10 boost with following features

Hardware and OS component details

Detects system model, processor type, processing speed, RAM and disk details, O/S edition and version details. Detects Antivirus related details.

Windows boost

Check for the processes and services consuming high CPU Utility. It helps to find processes and services which are not useful for user. Significantly increases the speed of the system.


Reduces Internet usage

Reduces Internet usage of Windows Updates and background apps. Keeping it free for best user browsing speed.

Background application monitoring

It monitors all Background application and detects applications which are in suspended mode. Background applications which are taking high CPU utility and are lowering system performance are monitored.

Junk cleaner

Tunes up the system extensively. Removes unnecessary resource logs and creates a clean working environment.

Remote session Support calls

Makes Your Customers Happy with immediate and timely support. Give Service to your customers comfortably from your home or office.

Optimized for wide range of Laptops and Desktop Brands and Manufacturers

Real-time Graphical Dashboard

Graphics is more talkative than words, with consideration of this concept we tried to add more and more graphics in our product . we are real time Network Endpoints Statistics , Security health status,Endpoints vulnerability, Statistics of Clients, Update and Threat status across the network in advanced graphical format which are more clear and usable.


User-friendly Interface

App Booster

Boost your system by using fantastic tools like NP Fast search, NP photo viewer and NP Finder. Tools are working fabulously with minimum memory usage.



Manage client data backup from the server. Data backup will protect the client's data from all kinds of ransomware attacks. The backup will be secured and will remain to be corruption free. Monitoring and managing functionalities will be enabled for the admin.

Reduces Unwanted OS Logs

Stops and reduces unwanted Operating system telemetry and diagnostic logs. Which are not useful to users but generates lot of Disk I/o. This features reduces the lags and competition for disk read write. Your important apps get best disk access.



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MRP Rs.1000

Best Buy :


  • Boost Startup Time
  • Boost Speed of Windows
  • Reduce Internet Usage
  • Works well with any existing AntiVirus (Recommended: NPAV Total Security)
  • Works for Desktop or Laptop
  • Work for Windows 10 Prof Edition only
  • Improves CPU performance

Boost Plus

MRP Rs.1500

Best Buy :


All features of Boost and more..

  • Upto 3 Remote Sessions by Expert Technician (Within 3 months from installation)
  • One session for first time installation, activation, configuration
  • Personalized Optimization and Tuning of your Laptop
  • Each Session time is max 20 mins
  • Remove unwanted Bloatware
  • Work for Windows 10 All Editions

Boost Super

MRP Rs.2500

Best Buy :


All features of Boost + Boost Plus and more..

  • Fast File Search App
  • Fast Photo Viewer
  • Junk Cleaner and space analyzer and Free Up
  • Asset / Warranty Tracker (MyAccount)

*1 year validity and free updates from date of purchase
(Supports and Compatible with new upcoming windows 11 OS 21H2)

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Compatible with
Desktop Edition: Windows 10 (Threshold 1-2, Redstone 1-5, 19H1, 19H2, 20H1, 20H2), 8.1, 8.0, 7, Vista, XP
Server Edition: Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003